Monday, 6 March 2017

Macbeth Comes Alive Through Puppets

The Buy In

It started with a performance of the play that shall not be named and ended with 90 children knew deep in Elizabethan clothing templates.

The Task

Our Year six students started by studying the great Scottish play as part of their literacy learning and then went on to do some character sketches in their art lesson- drawing out (literally) the character's different personalities. From here the children got really creative-- they examined Elizabethan clothing, patterns, prints and styles; they looked at the different depictions of Macbeth characters both in print and on stage. The children went on to combine all of this research to start designing their own Macbeth puppets.

The Method

Stuffing the face and body.
Adding detail to the face.
The children used 'pop socks' stuffed with cotton-wool to make the body. The face was created by bunching and sewing the stuffing together. The body and head was then attached to a wooden cross.  Next, children created their own templates for their Elizabethan clothing and set to work cutting, sewing and assembling the outfits ready to dress their characters. Felt crowns, wooden swords and bead necklaces were all produced to embellish and add to the characterisation of each character.

Constructing the outfits.
Dressing the puppets.
What Next

There were lots of possible ways we could have gone even further with this project: directing a puppet show reenactment, dressing a set, green screen animation and much more.

Tom Turnham
STEM Team Lead
Dulwich Hamlet Junior School

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